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Role Profile- Isabelle Hessey (Apprentice Project Manager)

12th July 2018

As Isabelle approaches the end of her first academic year here at H E Barnes, we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to profile her role within the company and shed some light onto the typical day of a Higher Level Apprentice Project Manager.

Isabelle is currently based on site with the Barnsley Glass works team in the city centre but as has worked on other HEB projects Dewsbury Learning Quarter and Project Oyster.

Her day to day activities usually includes dealing with a variety of project related topics that span across the delivery of a successful project. Primarily, her concerns are with Health and Safety Matters; ensuring the induction paperwork for each member of staff is completed with associated safety cards or qualifications. Isabelle has created job specific Tool Box Talks and visual task sheets for topics relating to Barnsley. Should a near miss occur, she completes near miss slips and communicates this to contracts management.

In terms of procurement, Isabelle assists in the financial control of the project; monitoring the expenditure of plant but also the contingency and cost forecasting to assist in the calculating of the project’s Profit and Loss report. She processes invoices and delivery notes for HEB accounts and places orders for materials as necessary.

When supporting the team with Supply Chain matters, Isabelle generates the minutes from progress meetings with the main contractor or subcontractors, monitors progress on site and issues drawings with the latest revisions from the Design Team, Architects or Client. She will also send out RFIs (Requests For Information) to the client and the architect, should there need to be clarification for an aspect of the scheme.

Although the list isn’t exhaustive, Isabelle has come along way from beginning her summer work experience in 2017  to the present day where she meets the expectations of our management team and the academic requirements of Leeds College of Building, which she attends each week as well as her site duties. Needless to say, she has become a vital part of our delivery team and a great asset to the company.


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