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Environmental Commitments

Futureproofing the Community- Looking after the Environment

As well as being ISO 14001: 2015 certified, H E Barnes has set and communicated a set of targets to help minimise our environmental impact in the areas we have direct influence on change. In the next year, we are looking to:-

  • Devise initiatives with suppliers for takeback schemes on materials and reusing them across other projects to reduce material wastage.
  • Further encourage our staff to travel more sustainably; on foot, cycling and carpooling.
  • Acknowledge that the current impact of diesel vans cannot be directly managed with other fuel alternatives due to the distance they need to travel but offsetting the carbon emissions with Hybrid Fleet Cars, sharing vans to reach the same project where possible and carrying out maintenance tasks in geographical groups.
  • Reduce our paper and card waste by 10% each year through implementation of paperless procedures, double sided B&W printing and pin-release printing. We will communicate this to staff through memos and sustainability training.
  • Segregate waste on sites into the correct receptacles
  • Conduct ‘cradle to grave’ waste disposal checks on our suppliers to determine if their duty of care is being practiced.

We would compliment and bolster the environmental commitments of our end users and clients by upholding our targets and helping them achieve theirs.

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