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Preparing for your mechanical and electrical installation: What do you need to know?

3rd June 2020

Haven’t found the time to get started with your mechanical and electrical installation? Now life’s a little slower than usual, it’s the perfect time to tick off your to do list with an update to your business’s premises. From initial designs to regular maintenance checks, our friendly engineering team is here to make sure your mechanical and electrical installation is planned to perfection. So what will your installation package look like? 


Design: Keep your planning a priority


No matter how keen you are to get your mechanical and electrical installation up and running, there’s no point in getting started without a proper plan in place. Whether you’re in the leisure, industrial and commercial, healthcare or retail industry, our bespoke design service provides you with everything you need to get your installation off to the best start possible. Planning your project in this way means you’ll get to make the most of the latest developments in energy conservation and holistic building design. 


Installation: Get in touch with the experts


Once your bespoke design, specifications and project budget’s been squared away, your installation can really start to take shape. It’s important to make sure that your mechanical and electrical installation will not only see you through the short term, but will go the distance too. Covering all aspects of M&E services from fire alarms to CCTV, access control systems to heating and ventilation, we’ll make sure nothing gets left under the radar. That means that you can be safe in the knowledge that your mechanical and electrical installation will be delivered to the highest standard, right on time for when you need it, without causing any disruption to your business. 


Test: Don’t forget your safety checks 


Every mechanical and electrical installation our experienced engineers carry out makes safety a priority. To make sure your project is delivered to the highest possible standard, we’ll test your installation to keep consistent quality. Periodic inspections and mandatory testing such as PAT, fire alarm and emergency light testing ensures you and your customers can always be 100% satisfied in the safety of your premises. 

The whole of our team are always up to date with the latest legislation, too. Keeping in the know with existing and upcoming regulations means you can trust us to talk you through your necessary compliance, without the worry that anything important has gone missing. 


Maintenance: A watchful eye on your mechanical and electrical installation 


Now your installation’s complete, you’re free to make the most of your updated premises – but that’s not the end of your project journey. As well as ensuring your mechanical and electrical installation excels in all safety measures to begin with, you should factor in regular maintenance checks. Your maintenance checks need to take three things into consideration; statutory compliance measures; nationally recognised standards; and best practice. Keeping these factors in mind with regular maintenance checks means you’ll never be in danger of falling on the wrong side of compliance.  

If you’re not sure how to solve an engineering problem in the middle of our regular maintenance checks, we’re still not far away. Whether you’ve got a burning question, or you just want to check in with our friendly support team, our 24/7 emergency call out service is there to give you a hand with everything from electrical maintenance and testing to the upkeep of your fire and intruder alarms. 

Keen to get going with your own M&E project? Here at H E Barnes, we’ll always go out of our way to deliver services that are completed on time, within budget and safe as safe can be. To make sure your mechanical and electrical installation gets underway as smoothly as possible, get in touch with our experienced team here.

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